“As your Denver Couples & Marriage Counselor and Denver Sex Therapist, I will give you my best effort, so you will get the best chance to get what you want.”

My Approach

A lot of my work with my clients is helping them discover what works for them, and allow their true selves to blossom. That is why one of my mantras of working with my clients is “Open Ears, Open Heart!” It is crucial to me that my clients are empowered to be who they are and who they want to be so they can be congruent inside out and live an authentic life!

Denver Sex Therapy & Relationship Counseling

Research and my experience with clients have shown that we start having more conflicts in our lives and our relationships with ourselves and our significant others when our true selves are not acknowledged and valued. I am not suggesting each of us to all become self – centered to get our needs and wants met. I am simply suggesting that we have to give voices, respect, and compassion to our values, needs, and wants. It is more difficult to be understanding and compassionate with our loved ones when we do not give ourselves the love that we need as humans!

Honesty & Trust

I believe that trust is crucial in any relationship, and we have to earn it. That's why I value honesty in my work with you. I respect and appreciate your courage of finally taking the step to come in and start your journey of healing.  I want you to get the best services as possible so I will be honest with you in our treatment. I don't want you to lose more time  to get the life and the relationship that you desire. We will work together as a team in an open, honest manner. 

Curiosity, Compassion & Openness

I have always been a curious person since I could remember. I find so much power in being curious about my clients' experience. I want to get to know you so I can develop a plan that is designed for you. Compassion and openness are always in my mind and body when I listen to my clients' stories. That helps us to have a conversation so we can brainstorm together to find solutions.

My Evidence & Research Based Modalities

After I finished my two year graduate program, I spent at least another eight years going to different trainings to learn the most effective approaches to help my clients. All theses approaches are evidence & research based, which means they have been proven through numerous research to show their effectiveness. I also receive consultation and supervision from some of the best clinicians in the field of psychotherapy. I love learning, so going to those trainings were energizing for me.  Moreover, I wanted to make sure I could provide the best treatment for my clients so they can heal, recharge, and move forward. 

Here are the major modalities that I use:

Past Does Not Have To Be Present!

Past Can Make Present Better and Future Brighter!

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YY is a fantastic therapist. She has a strong relational approach and a unique way of being both direct and supportive. I love collaborating with her and referring clients to her.