What 0ur Clients Are Saying...

"We have a better sense of self. Better sense of work needing to happen. Confidence that with work we can be a really strong couple who can work through trauma but can also create lasting changed to my relationship." - Couples Retreat Clients

"YY is a very skilled therapist. She cares deeply for the well being of her clients, and she strives to provide the very best counseling experience possible. Clients can rest assure that if they work with YY, they will be in good hands as she uses highly researched, cutting edge and brain based approaches."

"YY is so talented! I always feel better after talking to her. She is straightforward and honest while being kind and I love her holistic philosophy towards counseling. I would highly recommend her."

"I absolutely love YY. There are so many therapy styles and approaches out there, but for me, YY is a perfect match for my therapy needs. She listens intently and guides me to find my own resolution to struggles."

"YY is a fabulous, gracious, humble therapist who's willing to call you out for bad behavior while maintaining integrity and respect." - Couples Retreat Clients

"My therapeutic sessions with YY were amazing! With her guidance I was able to re-visit buried emotions that I knew were present but was unable to address them, this therapy enabled me to examine and evaluate these pass issues allowing me to move forward in a healthy positive way. Thank you YY!"

"I went years without getting the help I needed, thinking I could intellectualize my way through life. My problems only compounded because I didn’t know how to listen to my body or to release the pain from sexual trauma, PTSD, broken family issues and a broken heart. These might not be your issues but if you’re reading this right now you have already made the right decision. No one can do it alone. The next decision can be frustrating, finding someone who really cares and I can honestly say I’ve never dealt with a more caring therapist than YY. She helps you find what works for you in a trusting safe environment. This is a journey not a quick fix. I only wish I had found YY sooner."

"She was personable, showed expressive body language, encouraged and guided while being flexible to our personal adaptions and request." - Couples Retreat Clients

"Working with YY is an eye-opening and healing experience. The thing that I think sets YY apart from other therapists, for me, is that she gets straight to the point. She does not sugar-coat or distort the facts. She helps me confront issues head-on and that is exactly the therapy style that works for me. I can often get lost in the weeds and YY always seems to help me find my way out."

"YY is a well skilled couples counselor with extensive knowledge."

"YY is upbeat, open-minded and insightful. She has a calm way of seeing right through the noise and addressing the real problem with care and support."

"This is very challenging and painful at times but YY creates a safe place to do so. She has quickly earned my trust I have been stuck inside my traumas for most of life. In my work with YY I have experienced profound changes, ones that are setting me free. I am finding self-love and love for others in way I never have."

"I love YY! She is an incredibly talented therapist with amazing compassion and intuition. After many years with other therapists I feel like I’ve finally found someone who will help me finally heal from deep trauma. Through her guidance, she is empowering me to live life from the inside out instead of the outside in."

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