LGBTQ Couples & Individual Counseling Can Help You Find Relief & An Emotionally & Sexually Intimate Relationship

LGBTQ Counseling/Therapy
  • Are you having anxiety and confusion over sexual orientation?

  • Are you feeling lonely and isolated and struggling with coming out?

  • Are you and your partner in conflict over coming out and feeling stuck in your relationship?

  • Is your relationship going through a rough patch due to lack of connection, desire, and sex?

  • Are there issues of power and position in your relationship?

  • Do you want to rebuild trust and passion with your partner?

  • Are you looking for guidance in your relationship of disparate age, race, religion, or culture?

  • Are you going through a breakout, a relationship loss, or a divorce?

  • Are you tired of the same old argument or conversation with your partner but don’t know how to change the cycle?

  • Is the relationship going through a rough patch now due to broken trust or an infidelity and you are wondering if trust could ever be re – built or just not sure where to go next?

  • Are you in a mixed – orientation relationship (a relationship between partners of differing sexual orientations) and need some help navigating it?

  • Are you looking for ways to rekindle desire, reconnect emotional and sexual intimacy, and reignite the passion in your relationship?

LGBTQ Counseling vs. Straight People Counseling

LGBTQ Counseling/Therapy

LGBTQ couples & individuals struggle with life concerns and challenges like money, sex, the in – laws, quality time, career, low self – esteem, and daily stress that are common among all people. They also want to have mutually supportive, loving relationship and satisfying sex life.  They desire romance, passion, and intimacy too as straight couples. They want to enjoy life and have happiness and joy.

However, LGBTQ people may have more struggles in their relationship with themselves and their partners due to their experience of oppression, discrimination, and margination. They also need to cope with the coming out process to ones’ family and the journey of figuring out their “true, authentic self.”  Internal and external homophobia can bring in more storm to their already stressful life.

The constant reminders and hammering to behave sexually and romantically like straight people block their natural psychological and sexual development. The experience also violates their individual boundary, and bodily integrity and autonomy. It is disempowering and abusive to force them into sexual and romantic behaviors that are not congruent with their orientation and identity.

Finding LGBTQ Couples & Individual Counseling/LGBTQ Couples & Individual Therapist

Due to the complexity of LGBTQ community's exerience, it is important for LGBTQ clients to find therapists who can help them deal with common life stressors AND understand the impact of social expectations and standards, family pressure, discrimination, and oppression on them. They need therapists who are affirmative of their experience and empower them to find their voices and stories in the face of constant “No,” lack of understanding, and demand of conformity. The therapist cannot implicitly and explicit discount LGBTQ clients’ experience in our society.

LGBTQ Couples & Individual Counseling with A LBGTQ Counselor/Therapist– How Do We Work?

Our goal is to help you embrace your sexual identity as optimal and no less inferior than heterosexuality. We want you to live a successful, healthy life that is psychologically, relationally, and sexually satisfying because you deserve it!

So this is how we work as your LGBTQ Couples & Marriage Counselors, Sex Therapists, and Individual Therapists:

1.   We will stay curious, open, and non – judgmental.  I don’t make assumptions. We ask you how you identify yourself. We invite you to share your sexual identity, sexual and romantic attraction, turn ons, and turn offs. If you are confused or coming out, we will explore with you about your sexual attractions and romantic interests. We work with you to decide what work best for you.

2.   We will be frank with you about our own sexual orientation and our own experience with sexuality. You will get a clear idea about where we stand on the issue of LGBTQ legitimacy. We will always hold myself accountable. However, if you feel like we are not “talk the talk” and “walk the walk,” PLEASE PLEASE challenge us and let us know. We want to create and provide a safe environment and relationship with your help and inputs.

YY Wei, LCSW - Here's more information about my journey of becoming a Denver Sex Therapist

LGBTQ Counseling/Therapy LGBTQ Therapist

3.   We will be Ourselves. You will get to see us – not just as therapists, but who we are as humans. If it weren’t for how we protect my clients’ confidentiality, we would totally be open to you calling them and getting their feedback about me as their therapists. We hold ourselves to a standard of authenticity, honesty, and integrity as a LGBTQ Couples & Individual Therapist providing LGBTQ Couples & Individual Counseling. We don’t like walking around in shoes that don’t fit us. Been there, done that! It felt yucky, suppressed, depressing, unreal, and painful.

4.   We will be sensitive to the effects of social oppression, discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, and other marginalized experiences on you. We will work with you to dispute some of the most bigoted myths about you.  

5.   We will explore with you the concept and the experience of external and internal homophobia.

6.   We will be sensitive to language. We will ask about your preference and have conversation about it.

7.   We will be honest of our own lack of knowledge about issues related to your particular needs. We are always in supervision and looking for books and resource to get the information and the guidance that we need to provide you the best services. We want to be the best and most informed LGBTQ Couples & Individual therapist and provide competent LGBTQ Couples & Individual Counseling.

8.   Our ultimate goal – We want to affirm your identity, empower your voice, help you live an authentic life, and/or have a romantically & sexually intimate relationship.

Being a member of the LGBTQ community, you face multiple layers of obstacles.

You Don't Have To Do It Alone! Don't Wait Anymore to Get Your Help & Support.

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