Marriage Counseling Can Help Your Marriage Feel Connected & Intimate Again.

Couples Therapy Offers Support & Solutions to Your Repeated Fights & Problems.

  • Are you and your partner feel exhausted and hopelessabout your relationship?

  • Are you struggling with having the same fights or just stop fighting because it wasn't getting anywhere? But that made you feel more distant from each other?

  • Are you guys fighting more, arguing more, and spending more time feeling angry than happy?

  • Do you want more emotional and sexual intimacy in your relationship?

  • Do you want better communication with your partner instead of feeling stuck whenever the two of you talk?

  • Are you or your partner experiencing sexual issues due to medical conditions?

  • Are you guys more like roommates instead of lovers?

Are you ready to try something that actually work?

Relationship is not easy, especially if you want a long lasting, passionate, intimate relationship. You are only doing what you know, and it is impossible to do something different without getting new information and guidance. Frustration and tension become more intense when you are in the same loop.

Denver Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy at The Relationship Center of Colorado Can Help!

Denver Marriage couples counseling therapy

Regardless of what kind of relationship problems you are having, please don’t wait any longer! You don’t have to feel hopeless because there are skills that you can learn to have better communication and less conflicts.

As your marriage counselor & couples therapists, we will give you evidence and research based Denver Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy to help you and your partner get the type of relationship that you want – whether is about having more trust, having more laughter, or just simply being able to talk to each other and not feeling attacked! 

You will learn and practice different practical tools and strategies that are specific to you and your partner’s situation so you can reinvigorate your relationship. Everyone has relationship struggles but not everyone has the right skills to keep the happiness and deepen the intimacy in the relationship. We all need well–informed guidance to support and strengthen our relationships. Marriage counseling & couples therapy in my Denver Relationship Therapy practice can give you that.

It is exhausting to stuck in your gridlocks and go through the same cycles of bickering and fighting. We can work with you to understand the deep, hidden causes of those repeated patterns and actually use them to your advantages to make your relationship more meaningful and stronger.

You were not taught how to stay in love after you have fallen in love with your partner. Just like all of us. You need skills to work through and survive problems, setbacks, and conflicts to become stronger and have a successful relationship and marriage. 

Denver Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy can help you get a step closer to the relationship that you want! 

You deserve the love and the relationship that you want with your partner. Don’t wait one more day to have a great relationship.

If you are ready to get help for Denver Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy for Sexual and Emotional Intimacy,

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"We have a better sense of self. Better sense of work needing to happen. Confidence that with work we can be a really strong couple who can work through trauma but can also create lasting changed to my relationship." - Clients

Denver Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy can help you:

  • Rebuild trust with your partner

  • Recover after an affair

  • Feeling loved and appreciated in a relationship

  • Reignite connection and intimacy

  • Have more sexual desire and passion

  • Better communication and understanding

  • Stop the perpetual problem/argument and have an agreement

  • Share and explore your fantasy with your partner and have fun together

  • Tap into new territories of sexuality and eroticism to bring more spontaneity, pleasure, and satisfaction

… and more

But wait,

Note: Please visit our FAQs page to get more of your questions answered

"My partner doesn't think couples therapy and marriage counseling would work. He/she is reluctant to come in."

  • That is actually totally normal and quite common that not both partners are ready to do couples therapy and marriage counseling. It is a scary and difficult step to come into a stranger's office and share all your private matters. Starting couples therapy and marriage counseling takes a lot of courage. However, you won't see any changes without taking any steps. Fortunately, my evidence and research based modalities have shown results. You can call me at (720) 660 - 2321 or Contact Me to get your 15 min free consultation about Denver Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy. You get a chance to interview me to determine your comfort level with me and get all your questions answered.

"My partner is afraid that you would take my side and get criticized and attacked."

  • It is common for couples to have that concern. The reality is that that is not how couples therapy and marriage counseling work. Your friends and families, or maybe even some strangers you have talked, might have already done that, and that have only created more conflicts and tension. My role is to be the unbiased, third party that helps both of you to be on the same page as an united front against the problems and the setbacks. I help the two of you as a team to identify ways to move forward. As a trained Denver Marriage Counselor & Couples Therapist, I will work with you to optimize your relationship instead of repeating the same, old pattern. I am open to feedbacks too if you feel like i am taking sides. You can also invite your partner to learn more About Me. I totally welcome your partner to interview me via a phone call or a message. i want both of you to feel comfortable.

"I talk to my partner, and he/she just does not want to talk to anyone."

  • No worries. You can still get help having Couples Therapy For One. You and your partner are part of your relationship system. What I know and have seen is that it is totally possible to create positive changes in a relationship with one partner learning new, clear, concrete strategies. I was also trained by Michele Weiner - Davis, who is all about action based approach. Her modality and her book, Divorce Busting: A Step-By-Step Approach to Making Your Marriage Loving Again, all show that a relationship could be saved with just one partner's desire and effort to make a change. Denver Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy can help you change the dynamic even just with you in the office.

Please visit our FAQs page to get more of your questions answered

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My therapeutic sessions with YY were amazing! With her guidance, I was able to re-visit buried emotions that I knew were present but was unable to address them, this therapy enabled me to examine and evaluate these pass issues allowing me to move forward in a healthy positive way. Thank you YY!