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Can Help You Deepen the Intimacy & Rekindle the Connection.

  • Do you have secrets that you are still hiding from yourself and your partner?
  • Do you have a part of you that is curious about your sexuality but needs a space to explore?
  • Do you want deeper connection and more touch with your partner?
  • Do you feel like you and your partner are losing the desire and the passion in the relationship?
  • Do you want more intimacy and body connection with yourself and your partner?

Intimacy and Body Based Relationship Therapy 

The approach focuses on creating true intimacy in your relationship with yourself and your partner. It aims at helping your explore your deepest secrets and longings. The approach also uses your body to expand the knowledge of their own needs, wants, sexuality and eroticism. It is only through the development of your authentic Self that you can have the life that you want and create that genuine, intimate bond with your partner.

I have individual clients who come to see me because of depression or anxiety. More often or not, their symptoms are related to relationships in their lives. It could be relationships with their parents, siblings, co–workers, partners, or themselves. I have couples reaching out to me because their relationships have been stuck or one partner feels more like a “caretaker” instead of a “partner.” Some couples might be completely shocked by their partners’ disclosure of wanting a separation or a divorce.

Most people and couples are not comfortable talking about their deepest secrets, longings, issues, yearnings and fears in relationships. A lot of couples are more uncomfortable when it comes to the topic of sex, sexuality, and open eye sex. Many individuals need to hide their parts of themselves in order to fit in in their day to day lives. Many partners have to put aside their concerns in order to keep the relationship “calm and peaceful.” One way or another, hiding our true selves and not openly discussing our concerns only create more issues in the long run. That's why we need more intimacy and body connection!

How to get the intimacy & body connection that You Want?

Body Based

It is completely normal for all of us want to mask certain parts of ourselves because it is very vulnerable to show the “real” you. We don’t know if that conversation will lead to compromises or more fights. Letting our true selves being seen creates a lot of anxiety and discomfort, especially when you care about your partner and do not want to lose the relationship.

Ironically, to get the relationship that you want, you need to be honest with yourself first. And show that in the presence of your partner. A true, adult partnership requires True Intimacy, which requires the foremost courage, authenticity and openess.

Intimacy and Body Based Relationship Therapy can help you get the relationship that you want – a relationship that has respect, acceptance, openness, understanding, passion, eroticism, and True Intimacy. Whether you are single, in a relationship, or looking at getting into a relationship, this approach will give you the skills to hold on to yourself so you can stand up for what you believe in. You will explore your desire and fantasy through the use of yourself and your body to develop more self–love, self–compassion, and self–acceptance. You and your partner will have the skills to communicate and hear each other even if you don’t agree on the topics. You can bring back the passion and the closeness to your relationship.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, I want to help you discover and experience the power of touch.

Don’t want any longer to have more intimacy & body connection.

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