Sex Therapy/Sex Therapist Can Help You Get More Emotional Intimacy and Sexual Connections in Your Relationship.

Sex Therapy/Sex Therapist Can Help

If you are searching for Denver Sex Therapy, that means things have not been working. You guys might not have sex for a while, or when you do have sex, it is predictable and lack of the passion and fire that you used to have. Sex between the two of you feels like a routine, a chore instead of a moment of deep connection. You are tired of the boredom in the bedroom.

"If sexuality is one dimension of our ability to live passionately in the world then in cutting off our sexual feelings we diminish our overall power to feel know and value deeply." — Judith Plaskow

You might be resonate with some of the following experiences:

  • Is your relationship lack the emotional and sexual intimacy you have been longing for?

  • Do you need and want skills to have more desire and pleasure in your sex life?

  • Do you want more freedom and more connection with yourself?

  • Is your relationship struggling with intimacy and desire?

  • Do you want more sex and sexual play?

  • Does your relationship need a boost?

  • Is aging or other medical conditions blocking you to have a more satisfying sex life and emotional intimacy?

Denver sex therapy for deep intimacy and connection

You might be frustrated because your can't do what you want to do or what you used to do and started questioning, "what's going on with me?"

The trust might have been broken in the relationship, and you two do not know how to rebuild that bond. And your sex life suffers!

Sexual dtysfunctioning or life events do not have to be the reasons that you are not having a satisfying sex life.

Denver Couples & Sex Therapy with trained Denver Couples & Sex Therapists at The Relationship Center of Colorado can help and offer solutions. 

Sex Therapy by a Trained Experience Certified Sex Therapist: Same & Different from Other Therapy?

Sex therapy is not much different from other forms of psychotherapy. There is nothing strange, deviant, or kinky happening in sessions. Every interaction between therapists and clients is professional and ethical. Clothes always stay on. Sex therapists go through formal and professional training and receive hours of supervision. We have to become informed and competent in the areas of sex and sexuality. It is common for sex therapists to work in collaboration with medical professionals to rule out any medical etiology of the problems.

Sex therapy is different in sense that the trainings help sex therapists to be more open and accepting when it comes to different forms of sexual orientations, gender identity, and sexual practices. Sex therapists encourage clients to participate in self–exploration, as we believe in the healing power of positive sexuality and one’s quality of life.

Sex Therapy w/ a Certified Sex Therapist: What Happens in Sessions?

In sex therapy treatment, therapists builds therapeutic relationship with clients to collect a detailed case history from a psychosocial model with client's permission. Clients are active participants in treatment in sharing their concerns, identifying their goal, and completing relevant therapy homework outside of the therapy office. There is no physical touch and clothes are always on.

Denver Sex therapy offers solutions and ways to better relationships so people can have a more active, satisfying sex life. We help clients to have a more accepting attitude of one’s sexual preferences and sexuality. As your Sex Therapist, I will give you the support and guidance in an open, non - judgmental way.

Sex Therapy with a Certified Sex Therapist can help address common issues like:

  • Kink and BDSM/Fetishes

  • Issues related to LGBTQ

  • Alternative Relationships - Polyamory, open, swinging, BDM/Kink, fetishes

  • Orgasm Difficulty

  • Pleasure Enhancement

  • Women and Men Sexuality

  • Porn Addiction

  • Sexual Pleasure/Sexual Intimacy/Sexual Difficulty

Sex Therapy/Certified Sex Therapist (CST) - How Do They Help?

Sex therapy with a trained, experienced sex therapist can help clients who have questions about their gender identify, sexual orientation, and sexual preferences. As a trained sex therapist, I work together in an open, supportive, non – judgmental way.  Clients learn skills and strategies around their sexual concerns to have a better quality of life. Clients are empowered to explore their own unique needs and wants, so they can become more congruent selves inside out.

Life is scary and overwhelming. Rigid social rules and expectations can make our sexual experience more stressful. It is normal for any of us not wanting to face pain and just want to fit in. But that can only last so long!

You will get the strategies and support to heal your past and become your true self.  We do not have to face obstacles and deal with unknown, confusing emotions by ourselves. It is important to find a sex therapist that you feel comfortable with starting your journey of healing and empowering.

Regardless of your reasons for searching for Sex Therapy Denver or Sex Therapist, we are glad that you are here.

As sex–positive Denver sex therapists, and LGBTQIA & Kink friendly therapists, we are here to coach you and give you the tools you need. You can change your sex life to be more connected and more satisfying. Plus, more often than not, the core issue is more than just sex. We are here to help you go deeper and address the core issues so you don't have to fall back to the old pattern after a while.

Sexual issues can impact one's self - esteem and emotional intimacy in a relationship. The good thing is you don't have to do it alone. And you don't have to struggle that much because there are practical skills and tools you can use to address your needs. As trained Denver Sex Therapists, we want to share and give you all these tools.

Ready to gain the strategies to enhance the closeness and the intimacy in your relationship so you two can play as a team?
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If you are ready to reclaim your sexuality and rekindle the desire, please

We are LGBTQIA friendly and Kink Friendly Therapists.

Because we understand the unique challenges that LGBTQ community and people who involve in alternative life styles face, we offer LGBTQ Individual & Couples Counseling & Alternative Relationship Counseling to more specifically address your individual and relational needs and concerns.

Please let us know how we can best serve you to have a fulfilling life and a satisfying sex life.

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