On Site help and support at the privacy of your home, office, or an alternative location

  • Is your marriage struggling because of external high demands on your schedules that limit quality time in the relationship?
  • is your professional identity restricting you from getting the support and the help for you and/or your marriage and relationship?
  • Is lack of privacy in your life and marriage creating more stress and tension and pulling you guys apart?
  • Do you need more flexibility and complete privacy and confidentiality so you don't have to worry about any repercussions of seeking therapy help?

Some factors that may increase the need for seeking these services for you or a loved one:

  • Being easily recognizable

  • Being a Business Owner, Executive, or Clergy

  • Being a Public Figure like a Public Official or Law Enforcement Personnel

Denver Concierge Services Counseling for Individuals & Couples

The Relationship Center of Colorado strictly adheres to all state and federal laws regarding patient confidentiality for ALL clients. As a highly trained, professional Denver individual therapist, marriage counselor, couples therapist, and sex therapist, I highly value my client's trust as an essential aspect of our work together.  I attempt to treat all my clients like VIPs.  

However, for some clients like athletes, people in the music industry, Fortune 500 CEOs, entertained, and other high net worth people even showing up in a public place or bumping into an acquaintance in the waiting room could be a hassle and troublesome. It could also have negative consequences on their career, social standing, and political aspirations. Their high profile status actually creates more barriers for them to seek therapeutic help for their individual concerns, relationship and marital issues

Denver In Home Service Counseling for Individuals & Couples Can Help!

I understand your challenges and your need for flexibility, complete privacy and confidentiality that goes above and beyond the traditional counseling services where clients come to my office on their scheduled appointment times. Growing up in a high profile, Chinese family, I know what it is like to have no privacy and people constantly violating your boundary. I understand the challenge of just finding a place to be "me" and not have to worry about the repercussions. It is difficult to live when everyone is in your business.

I respect your decision to seek therapy from highly trained and qualified marriage counselors and couples therapists so I will work with you to ensure that you can achieve your therapy goals while maintaining your privacy. Your professional status should not be the reason that you don't get the same quality, effective marriage counseling. Your high profile identity should not prevent you from getting the relationship and the satisfying sex life that you want.

Denver In Home Service Counseling Help w/ Issues like:

Denver Concierge Services Counselingfor Individuals & Couples
  • Financial instability or work stress is taking a toll on you and/or your marriage
  • You want to feel more special, valued, and appreciated in your relationship
  • You might have been feeling lonely, angry, and disconnected but you don’t want to feel like that anymore
  • You might have been patient and understanding of your partner’s work schedule but you are tired of waiting and hoping you guys would finally be able to connect and be passionate again.
  • You want to have more emotional and sexual intimacy and passionate sex in your marriage
  • Get skills to address substance use issues and/or manage other addiction (i.e. porn addiction, sex addiction/out of control sexual behaviors)
  • You want more trust and respect in the relationship and heal from infidelity/affairs and broken trust
  • You want to be able to talk to each other without shutting down or feeling numb
  • Find ways to work together as a team so you guys can handle life together

Denver Individual Therapy, Marriage Counseling, Couples Therapy, Sex Therapy, & Sex Addiction Services at Your Home or Location to Protect Your Privacy

The Relationship Center of Colorado wants to help you maintain your privacy AND give you the support and the help that you need to revitalize your marriage and your intimacy levels.  In respect for your confidentiality and the reality of your work schedules,

  1. I will provide on - site sessions as needed. My concierge service will protect your privacy - No public buildings, offices or waiting rooms. No other staff at the office or on the phone. I will always handle your needs. Counseling and therapy services will take place at your home, place of business, or alternative locations. 
  2. I will respect your privacy - that means I will not be blabbing to the press or anyone about where you live, how much you spend, etc. Growing up in a high profile, Chinese family, I understand what it is like to not have your own space to breathe and relax.  I will keep your information confidential. AND I won't go back on my word for any reason. One thing I have learned from growing up in a Chinese household with two successful restaurant business parents in New York City is - always do my job with honesty, respect, and integrity. I know my clients can trust me because of my values. 
  3. I will be flexible with your schedule and plan accordingly. I know you constantly have people pulling you in many directions so getting to places can be difficult. We will work together as a team to come up with a plan so you don't have to feel rush. I want our work together to be a support, not an extra stress.
  4. I will have your best interest in heart and work with you to achieve your goal either for yourself or for the marriage. I want you to be the best version of yourself at work, at home, and in your relationship. 

Don't let worries about privacy keep you from seeking the help and support for you and/or your relationship.

I know it is hard to bring yourself to request help.

But for real though, you don't have to handle your problems on your own. 

You deserve the same opportunity of learning the right skills and tools to have the life that you want, the relationship that energizes you, and the sex life that satisfy you and deepen the intimacy. 

Denver In Home Services for Individual & Couples Can Help!

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