Denver Marathon Individual & Couples Counseling is the Answer for Your Busy Schedule and Demanding Life Style

  • You are tired of anxiety or your past taking over your life and your relationship
  • You want to feel better and have a higher quality of life.
  • Maybe you know that you relationship could benefit from marriage counseling and/or couples therapy but don't have the time. 
  • Do you feel like your relationship has been going through a rough patch for quite a long time, and you need some immediate help?
  • The same old fights have gotten so bad that if you don't get any help ASAP - the relationship might be over.
  • Intimacy and desire have been so dissatisfying that you really need an urgent "energy shot."
  • Given the long, complex history and the high intensity of the problems in your relationship, you need more than the traditional 50 min to 90 min marriage counseling/couples therapy

Denver Marathon Individual & Couples Counseling is open to individuals and married and unmarried couples of all sexual orientations. Life can side track us from working on the most important relationship in our lives. Our relationship has to be a top priority to keep the passion alive and the intimacy and connection strong. Unfortunately, we have so many demands and responsibilities nowadays that it is hard to do everything.

You and/or your partner have been in a rough space for quite a long time. You have tried different ways to make your relationship better but nothing seemed to work.

You know that you need professional help but your schedule and your time just make it difficult. 

Maybe you are having trouble finding a highly qualified, trained Denver Marriage Counselor & Couples Therapist in your area but you also can't travel weekly to get the help that you need.

Denver Marathon Individual & Couples Counseling Can Be A Solution

"(True Intimacy happens when partners) can contemplate their anger, their sexuality, and their unpopular, awkward, or unfashionable opinions without losing confidence or collapsing into self-disgust.

They can speak clearly because they have managed to develop a priceless sense of their own acceptability.

They like themselves well enough to believe that they are worthy of, and can win, the goodwill of others if only they have the wherewithal to present themselves with the right degree of patience and imagination."

--- Alan De Botton

How Does Denver Marathon Individual & Couples Counseling Day Work?

denver relationship counseling individual therapy

The beauty of the Denver Marathon Individual & Couples Counseling is that you don't have to try to find time in your busy schedule to come into the office week after week. You and I will have a consultation about your situation and concerns and decide together however many hours that you need in a day to give your relationship a much needed help and booster.  During those times, we will it solely focuses on you and your partner as a couple and as individuals. The whole process will be personalized, private, and one to one.

YY Wei, LCSW, CST will give you and your relationship undivided attention so she will get a clear understanding of the strengths and the areas of concerns in the dynamic. She will then give you concrete research and evidenced based tools and directions to practice in the session. You can accomplish in 1 Day what might take several months to achieve in therapy.

As a Denver Individual Counselor & Relationship Therapist, YY Wei, LCSW, CST, wantS to provide Denver Individual Counseling, Relationship Counseling and Military Marriage Counseling Therapy Services that work for your busy, hectic life and work styles.

Denver marriage couples counseling therapy

The Goals for Denver Marathon Individual & Couples Counseling:

  • Learn how to manage your anxiety and stress

  • Have new skills to have and maintain a relationship

  • Get a deep understanding of what's been going on in your relationship

  • Learn how to regulate yousrelf so you can better listen and communicate with each other

  • Rekindle desire, reconnect intimacy, and reignite passion

  • Learn how to look into each other's eyes and find that warmth, tenderness, and love again

  • Find a way to work together as an united team instead of letting your arguments take over

  • Explore new ways to be sexually and emotionally connected

If you are frustrated with your relationship, or thinking about ending  your relationship, or are serious about getting some immediate help to have a better relationship,

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