What Can Be Achieved by Attending a Couples Retreat?

We have already talked about what couples retreats are and why couples retreats are so successful, but if you aren't yet convinced of how beneficial a couples retreat can be it can best be described in what can be achieved. 

Attending couples counseling once a week can often take up to 6 sessions to really start to get to the heart of some of the deeper issues the couple is facing. It is truly amazing at what can be accomplished in just a 2-3 day span. Couples retreats, or couples intensives, are gaining popularity as our culture struggles to make more time in their cumbersome schedules. This fast track option occurs over the course of a weekend and helps couples tackle their biggest relationship issues. 

So what can be accomplished in such a short span of time?

Deeper Intimacy

Many couples experience improved closeness, connection and affection, both physically and emotionally.

Trust & Safety

The foundation of trust and safety in any relationship is built upon the deep emotional connection that tells each partner that they can count on each other. They can depend on each other to be there, to be responsive to their needs, and to feel valued, appreciated and fully accepted. Couples retreats are designed to repair and enhance basic trust and safety in relationships.

Better Communication

Couples retreats offer tools for couples to enhance their ability to communicate feelings, concerns, and needs productively with empathy and compassion.

Partner Conflict & Resolution

Stop having the same fight over and over again. By learning to work together as a team, with negotiation, compromise, genuine interest in the welfare of each other, the relationship, and the family, together you can find sustainable resolutions to your most frequented relationship issues.

Family dinner

Family Harmony

Relationship issues have the capacity to touch every part of your life whether it be your work, friendships, family, and particularly children. Couples retreats help improve cooperation and partnership in co-parenting children and step-children. For those who have not separated the retreat is able to create a more loving and harmonious family environment.