What are Intensive Couples Retreats?

Couples retreats and intensive marriage counseling programs are becoming increasingly popular. These programs include weekend marriage retreats, couples workshops, and intensive programs specifically designed for one couple, or for small groups of couples. At the Relationship Center of Colorado we've learned a great deal about why Couples Retreats can be so effective for couples in distress.

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Why are Intensives and Couples Retreats so Effective?

In traditional marriage or couples counseling, sessions are usually scheduled only once a week, or every other week with sessions generally running for about an hour or two in length. Couples retreats and intensives are more effective because much more can be accomplished over 2-3 days. It usually takes about 4-6 months of traditional weekly sessions to accomplish the same goals.

The unique program components in couples retreats result in a deeper understanding of relationship distress and toxic patterns – and a deeper understanding and appreciation of your partner and yourself. 

What Problems are Addressed at a Couple's Retreat?

The most common problems addressed in couples retreats and intensives include:

  • Conflict and fighting, anger and blame, and power struggles
  • Negative patterns of complaints, criticism, defensiveness, and “stonewalling”
  • Communication problems
  • Lack of intimacy, disconnection, shutting down and distance
  • Infidelity and affairs
  • Parenting problems with children and step-children
  • Trust issues and insecurity

Where Can I Get More Information on Couple's Retreats?

It's important to find a couple's retreat that fits your needs and your budget. Couples Retreats may seem to cost a little bit more but if you do the math, it comes out to an almost even amount in comparison to seeing your relationship therapist once a week for 4 to 6 months. For more information about Couple's Retreats with YY Wei check out the links below: