Why Couples Retreats are Successful

If you are thinking about attending a couples retreat with your partner, you are likely weighing out the pros and cons. Many couples who attend private marriage retreats are often experiencing a significant amount of distress in their relationship and attending a couples retreat, also known as a couples intensive, seems to make more fiscal and emotional sense. 

What Makes Couples Retreats So Successful?

Achieving Therapy Goals

Couples complete an entire intensive couples therapy retreat in just 2-3 days. Research shows that most couples in traditional therapy do not complete a full course of couples or marriage counseling and so their goals for therapy remain unmet. In fact, most couples drop out of traditional therapy within 6 sessions. It should be noted that it is always recommended that after completing a couples retreat, some follow-up sessions would be helpful to reinforce the learning process.

Experience Reconnection

During retreats, couples are guided through a series of emotionally corrective conversations – leading to meaningful re-connections. You and your partner are capable of significant change when there is an emotional investment. 

Couple relaxing in a living room

Depth of Understanding

The intensive aspect of couples retreats provides a depth of understanding rarely achieved in traditional couples therapy. Specific exercises during couples retreats deepen understanding and compassion for one’s self, one’s partner, and for the relationship itself.

A Fresh Start

Couples usually have excellent questions about their relationship and how to do things differently. Couples retreats are designed to provide specific answers to their questions, and provides tools for dealing with communication problems, handling conflict, and creating intimacy. Most couples who complete intensive couples therapy say that this is a fresh new start that brings them hope and a positive direction.

If you've been thinking about attending a couple's retreat with your partner, the pros far outweigh any cons. Your relationship would have so much to gain, there's really nothing to lose! 

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