Top #RelationshipGoals for 2018

Now that 2018 is in full swing, it's the perfect time to reassess your romantic relationship. With a few simple relationship New Year's resolutions, you can recharge your relationship and start the year fresh.

Even though you may think everything's great between you and your partner, every relationship can benefit from some recharging every now and then. For instance, if you think back to this past year with your significant other, you can probably think of some examples of relating to one another that you could have handled differently.

Couples will benefit from making relationship resolutions and strengthening their connection. That said, here are some easy-to-do relationship resolutions for you and your significant other to try in the new year.

We Will Do Meaningful Things Together

When it comes to hobbies and free-time activities, do you and your significant other do them together, or separately? Try finding new activities you both can do together, maybe something neither of you know anything about, like cooking or biking. Discovering or going on adventures together is exciting and strengthens your bond. 

If you can't find something you both don't know anything about, try switching off doing activities you normally do alone together. Maybe one of you normally goes to a hot yoga class and the other one doesn't - try going together every once in a while! You are sharing something that is meaningful and letting them in to your world. 

We Will Learn Something New Together

Try new things together! If a new restaurant spot opened up around the corner, try it out! It seems small and insignificant but it comes back to that component of being adventurous together. It strengthens your bond and creates more shared experiences. More shared experience can lead to a more intimate connection. 


We Will Be More Present With Each Other

It happens all the time in this day and age: You see a couple sitting together at the coffee shop but neither one is speaking to one another, let alone looking at one another. Why? Because their are staring at their phones, texting their friend, stalking people on Facebook, and the list goes on. When you are with one another make it a point to put down the phone and look at each other. Talk to each other. Love each other. 

We Will Communicate More, Not Just 'Talk'

This one kind of goes hand in hand with the previous suggestion - less tech, more talk - but it's not just about talking. So, do you "talk" or do you "communicate"? because there is a difference. Communicating is making an effort to have one's beliefs, feelings, and thoughts conveyed to another person. Communication is a back and forth exchange, so make sure you aren't just talking but also listening. 

We Will Continue to Prioritize Sex

When you're dating someone for a long time, sex may wane, and you may wonder how to keep the spark and romance alive. It doesn't happen spontaneously and that's ok. Just remember life gets busy and you have to schedule it. It may not sound super romantic, but it is suggested over and over again because it works!

Beautiful loving couple is posing in a bed

As you can see, the above relationship resolutions seem simple enough and definitely worth a try. Although no relationship is perfect, there *are* ways to revamp your relationship to make it more communicative, fun, and exciting. #RelationshipGoals, right?