Setting Positive Relationship Goals in 2018

Setting positive goals with each other can only help a relationship grow and stay on track. Shared goals and projects increase meaning and closeness. Reflecting on your relationship is also a good way to promote the positive events of your relationship over the past year. 

Get Out of the Negative Mindset

As you look to set intentions for your relationship in 2018, it's important to set positive, concrete goals. Many couples resolve to fight less without realizing that focusing on the negative aspect of this resolution will only further promote it within the subconscious. Essentially, you would be setting a negative mindset. 

How Can You Set Positive Relationship Goals?

Happy couple talking at cafe, drinking tea

Instead of resolving to fight less, try resolving to actively listen to your partner. To set unique goals for your relationship also ask yourself these questions both individually and as a couple:

  • How do I want to feel in my relationship with my partner? What specific things can I do to feel more that way?
  • How do I want to make my partner feel in our relationship? What specific actions can I take to help my partner feel that way?
  • What is the potential of our life together? What do we want our relationship to look like in the next year? What can I do specifically to create this life?
  • “When was the best time in our relationship? What was I doing for my spouse then? What was he or she doing for me?
  • What can I do to be more helpful? More positive? More optimistic?

If you find that you are struggling with answers to these questions individually or as a couple, you may resolve to spend more time with your partner to instill closeness. The Relationship Center of Colorado offers a couples retreat that has helped transform relationships for the better. If you are having trouble setting positive intentions for your relationship we can help!