Sex Therapy for Singles

In contrast to popular belief, sex therapy is not just for couples! Many times people think of sex therapy, they think of two people seeking a professional’s guidance on addressing likes and dislikes in the bedroom, or how they can enhance their sexual experiences if they’re in a rut. If sex therapy is also for single people, what exactly do they uncover during therapy?

Black Girl Sleeping In Bed With Dog And Showing Feet

For singles, sex therapy may cover topics that are specific to being single such as hookup behaviors or feeling uncomfortable giving or receiving love. Some people seek help for discovering the reason behind feeling numb during sexual encounters or hookups.

Other reasons an individual may seek sex therapy would be to deal with certain urges or fantasies, including sexual behaviors they may be worried about. Additionally, one does not need to be in a relationship to experience sexual dysfunction, orgasm issues or sexual anxiety.

Whether you are in a relationship or single, we are experienced sex therapists that can help you sort through your thoughts and feelings related to sex therapy.