The Beauty of Sexual Pleasure

We want orgasm because it feels great in our body. There are so many benefits to have it. Orgasm is the sexual discharge that humans (and other species too) experience when they relieve their accumulated sexual tension during sexual acts. We feel sexual pleasure in the pelvic region as our muscle contracted. Our body experiences muscular spasms and a euphoric sensation. We have body movements and vocalizations to express our pleasure.

Orgasm can result from having sexual stimulation through intercourse with another person, masturbation or self - pleasure, or for some people orgasm can simply being reached by having really intentional, sensual foreplay or other sexual activity. Orgasm can create more romance and intimacy in a relationship. No wonder we all want orgasm because it gives us so much satisfaction and pleasure.

Now, let’s move on to the question of why we should have more orgasm, shall we?

1. Orgasm is a great stress reliever. Our body creates and releases oxytocin, a chemical that stimulates feelings of warmth and relaxation, when we have orgasm. Orgasm also calms down the amygdala, the part of the brain with fear and anxiety, when we experience orgasm.

2. Orgasm decreases the possibility of cheating in a relationship. In 2012, some German researchers found that high dosage of oxytocin in a couple brings them closer and compels them to tighten their bond together.

3. Orgasm requires our bodies to work hard so it is actually a fun exercise of cardio and strength training. Having an active sexual activity level can strengthen your cardiovascular health and reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke. And you get pleasure out of it.

4. Orgasm is a whole body workout when sexual tension is released. It is natural lymphatic massage that detox your body, improve digestion, and prevent cancer.

5. Orgasm promotes healthy estrogen levels, which protects women from osteoporosis and heart disease.

Do you have any difficulty with having the orgasmic experience that you want?

Do you have stories about how orgasm has enhanced your quality of life and relationship?

Please share to help more people have connected relationships and satisfying sex lives.