Romance & Intimacy

Romance and Intimacy in a Relationship

How do we create romance and intimacy to create connection in a relationship? Romance and Intimacy make us feel desired and loved in our relationships but we don’t always have a clear idea about what they are. Therefore, knowing the differences between them can help strengthening the bond.

Romance vs. Intimacy:

• Romance is what we do for and with each other, and Intimacy is what you do for yourself and with yourself.

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• Romance is about getting to know your partner and doing things that show your love and care.

• Intimacy is about getting to know yourself and share what you have discovered about yourself with your partner. And you still have an open, non – judgemental, understanding stand in getting to know your partner and hearing your partner’s words.

• Romance is deepened through knowing your partner’s love language and the exchange of giving and receiving appreciation. It is the external expression of our thoughts and feelings towards our partners.

• Intimacy is deepened through the reveal of your true, authentic inner world from the “Best of You.” That means you show all parts of you with respect and integrity. This process is crucial in creating True Intimacy with our partners and ourselves.

• Romance brings the butterfly feelings in your tummy and the heart pounding experience in your body. It involves doing new, fun, exciting things together to create memories.

• Intimacy brings a sense of vulnerability, discomfit, and anxiety. Thus, it involves having unpleasant, honest conversations and sharing your deepest desires and greatest fears rather than hiding them.

• Romance creates the connection between two people. Hence, it is important to do fun, new things together.

• Intimacy strengthens one’s courage and identity, and that’s important because it fosters honesty in a relationship.

Romance and Intimacy are different but they are equally crucial in developing a successful, connected relationship. We need them, and we want them because they make us feel so good.

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