From Denver 7 News: Census Finds Wives Under Report Income

Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Denver 7 News about a new census finding that Wives Under Report Income if they make more than their husbands. Watch the interview and feel free to share your thoughts! 

A new Census report found that if wives make more than their husbands, they will underreport their salary. Meanwhile, their husband will report more than they actually make, found the Census.

Why are women under reporting their income?

Many people were asked why women were under reporting their income if they made more than their husbands. Some of the answers from the video might surprise you, but it has led some viewers to wonder if the finding is generational. 

The census also found that men misrepresented their income, stating that they made more than they actually did. It seems that traditional roles still have a strong hold on our seemingly progressive society today.