What Does Cheating Mean About Your Relationship?

Contrary to what cheating websites would have you believe, cheating is not a sign of a normal, healthy long-term relationship. It is a sign that something is seriously wrong. People who cheat have basically lost all hope for their relationship, and all respect for their partner.

Infidelity — whether real or contemplated (outside of the random fantasy you’d never act upon) — suggests your relationship is in trouble. You can, of course, deny that and say you just need some variety in your sexual life. But if that’s the kind of person you are, you simply shouldn’t be in any long-term, monogamous relationship. 

We’re on this Earth for a very short time. How we treat others is a reflection on ourselves. If we treat others — others that we proclaim that we love in one breath — in a way that is disrespectful and disregards their own feelings, well, that says a lot about a person’s character.

Cheating Should be Avoided

No one is the the morality police, so ultimately, it’s your choice. All that is being suggested is that if you’re considering cheating, or if you’ve already cheated, it’s time to come clean. To yourself and to your partner. Are you in this relationship for the right reasons? Is this how you want to live the rest of your life (with lies and secrecy)? It's understandable that cheating can be “hot.” But is that temporary sexual release worth your integrity, your honor, and your word?

If your relationship needs some attention or help — get help! Go to a couple’s counselor or a marriage therapist (it’s really inexpensive compared to the costs of infidelity and a divorce) and work — openly and honestly — toward a positive resolution.

Long-term relationships often lose that “spark” that marked the beginning of the relationship because the couple has grown apart emotionally. The good news is that you can learn to grow together again. All it takes is a commitment and willingness on both people’s parts.