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  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and stuck in your life or in your relationship?

  • Are you guys having the same fights over and over again about sex, money, parenting, and/or in laws, and you are feeling more hopeless?

  • Maybe you have tried everything but nothing seemed to work but you still long for that connection.

  • Are you feeling depressed, anxious, unmotivated and want to feel better?

  • Are you in a military marriage and need some military marriage counseling to manage conflicts and disconnections due to infidelity, trauma, anxiety, etc.?

  • Maybe you have been thinking “I can’t have the same fight anymore,” “I am exhausted,” or “why can’t we just get along?".

  • Are you tired of the same, old patterns that you feel numb and checkout?

  • Are you struggling with loss of sexual and discrepancies in sexual desire and intimacy?

  • Is trust broken due to infidelity or addictions like drug & alcohol, sex, porn, or masturbation?

  • You might have been feeling angry, frustrated, and resentful but you don’t enjoy feeling like that anymore.

It is impossible to change the dynamic in your life and in your relationship without getting a different understanding and learning new strategies

Working with us will give you the skills and the
tools to change the toxic patterns, manage conflicts
 and strengthen the relationship.

We are ready to help you get the life and the relationship that you want. You Don't Have to Struggle Alone! Let Us Help You.

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"It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences." --- Audre Lorde

Are you tired of the same arguments and feeling stuck?  

You just want to feel better and get some relief.

You can feel better and have a stronger, healthier, and more satisfying relationship,

LGBTQ Counseling

We are Denver & Lakewood LGBTQIA friendly and Kink friendly Therapists providing Individual, Couples & Marriage Counseling, Sex Therapy & Military Marriage Counseling.

LGBTQ Couples & Individual Counseling

Alternative Relationship Counseling

Military Marriage Counseling

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BUT you won’t get there by doing the same thing you have been doing.

As your Sex Therapists, Marriage Counselors & Couples Therapists, Military Marriage Counselor and Individual Therapists in Denver & Westminster, we will give you all the tools and modify them as needed to meet your unique situations. We will be there with you throughout the whole process so we can go through the ups and downs together, learn from those experiences, and celebrate the success.

You don't have to go through this alone. Seriously. Let's start resolving conflicts, healing trust issues, and deepening connection.

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Our Therapists Can Help You Get the Relief For Your Frustration and Pain. We use Evidence & Research Based Methods so you can get the tool to move forward. We will work together as a team to address military marriage dynamics, intimacy issues and sexual issues, develop better communication skills, and have a better relationship.

Over 10 years of working with hundreds of couples to develop better communication and successful conflict resolution strategies. We offer solutions to rekindle desire & intimacy, skills to repair and mend relationships after affairs, and strategies to reconnect due to different types of addictions (i.e. sex, porn, alcohol/drug, etc.)

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Individual Therapy

Learn new skills to manage stress, anxiety, anger, and relationship issues. Create new routines and new life to feel the more energetic, confident, & happier you. Feeling tired & stuck is frustrating. Get the skills & the support so you can move forward and get to where you want to be.

Discernment/Stay or Go Couples Counseling

Divorce or not? Stay or go? It is a tough decision but you also want something different. Get a better sense of understanding of  your marital dynamic so you can make an informed decision about your relationship - stay the same, separate/divorce, or couples therapy. Let's create Resolution & Clarity, not Regret.

Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy

Gain self-awareness, learn effective communication skills & use your body awareness to create a partnership of honesty, openness, passion and deep intimacy. Relationship requires effort and work but no need to make it harder. Get the right skills to get the relationship that you want.

Online Counseling/Coaching

Need help for yourself or your relationship but live far away or no qualified professionals near you? Get help at the convenience of your time and location. Get the skills to get unstuck and make changes. Don’t let distance, bad weather, time zones or other reasons prevent you from having hav a more fulfilling life.

Sex Therapy

Explore issues around Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Sex & Sexuality, Out of Control Sexual Behaviors/Sex Addiction, Porn Addition, Desire & Intimacy, and Alternative Relationship and Sexual Styles in an open, non - judgmental, supportive environment. I want you to be the True, Authentic you.

Military Marriage Counseling

Military marriages face more stress than civilian marriages. Couples have to navigate constant moves, deployments, mental health conditions and other factors. Our military marriage counselors can help you and support you through your rough transitions and build a strong relationship.

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The Relationship Center of Colorado wants everybody to have the equal opportunity of getting high quality, professional Denver Relationship Counseling, Denver Sex Therapy, Couples & Marriage Counseling, and Military Marriage Counseling Services. There are some people however, might need more privacy and confidentiality, more flexibility and intensity than the traditional counseling services format. Their needs might be because of their public persona (i.e. musicians, entertainers, judges, public officials), and professional identity (i.e. athletes, CEOs, business owners/entrepreneurs). They needs might also due to their locations, availabilities of qualified therapists, intensity of their concerns, busy work schedule and demands. 

Special Services Can Help Address The Above Needs

Marathon Individual & Couples Counseling Day - It is for you if ...

  • Need immediate help to address the same old patterns but just can't find time to come in

  • Ready to get the ball rolling and want to meet for longer than the standard therapy sessions to feel relieved and unstuck

  • Travel a lot for work so want to get as much work done and learn as much skills as possible

YY Wei, Founder, LCSW, CST will spend as many hours as you need for 1 Day

Couples Retreat - It is for you if ...

  • Want to get 6 Months Worth of Therapy in a Weekend

  • Want to stop your fast-moving train to greater misery or divorce

  • Want a new sense of commitment, connection, passion, and desire

  • Need better ways to talk & manage conflicts

YY Wei, Founder, LCSW, CST will spend 2 1/2 Days or a weekend with you

"YY is a fabulous, gracious, humble therapist who's willing to call you out for bad behavior while maintaining integrity and respect." - Couples Retreat Clients

Denver LGBTQ Counseling.png

As Denver Sex & Relationship Therapists, we are committed to creating an environment that supports inclusivity and respect of all people regardless of race, color, culture, religion, spiritual practice, sex, age, socioeconomic status, perceived or actual sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, relationship status or configuration, national origin, or physical and mental abilities. We welcome diversity and inclusivity. We provide open, nonjudgmental, encouraging, sex positive Denver Sex Therapy/Sex CounselingCouples and Marriage Counseling Denver, Denver Military Marriage Counseling and Denver Individual Therapy to give you the support and the guidance that you need.

LGBTQ Couples & Individual Counseling

  • Do you have questions about your sexual orientation and gender identify and need some help exploring them?

  • Do you need skills and strategies to navigate different needs, wants, and priorities your relationship while dealing with family and societal pressure due to your gender identify and sexual orientation?

  • Do you need help coping with the pressure of sorting out an “authentic” you in the face of social, relational, and familial expectations?

  • Are desire, intimacy, pleasure, and eroticism fading in your relationship, and you want them back?

  • Are you looking for healing from sexual, emotional, & physical trauma?

Alternative Relationship Counseling

  • Are you and/or your partner curious about other forms of relationship and want to explore them but not sure where and how to being?

  • Do you want to bring other forms of sexual expression like BDSM/Kink, fetish play, furry, role playing, etc., into your relationship or want to expand more of your sexual life?

  • Do you need help and guidance to navigate the complexity of your alternative relationship?

  • Want more open & honest communicate to both get your needs met?

  • Need help because one of you wants to explore and one of you does not, and the relationship is suffering?

You will receive help and support to navigate the complexity of your journey. We strongly believe in working in a sex – positive perspective and engage with my clients in a respectful, open, collaborative way. As Denver Sex Therapists, Denver Couples & Marriage Therapists and Military Marriage Counselors, our passion and commitment is helping people explore and discover themselves so they can truly blossom from the inside out. We will use our curiosity to explore the diversity in gender, sexual orientation, and sexual expression and the complexities in relationships like polyamorous, polysexual, open, semi-open, swinging, BDSM/Kink, etc.

You, as the client, get to decide what a “healthy relationship” is and who you want to be. 

We, as your Sex Therapists & Relationship Therapists, will be there with you to navigate your journey and develop a roadmap that works for you.


The Relationship Center of Colorado Blog is a resource for you to find answers about our therapy & counseling services, read articles related to our work together, and discover tools and strategies to better your life and your relationship. We welcome feedback and comments because we want to know what you think too.

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Don't wait any longer. You don't have to do it all by yourself. Let Us Help.

Contradicting to what our society has told us – “Happily Ever After” does not come automatically. Having the blissful, hot, passionate relationship that you want require you to have the right skills in order to maintain and deepen the passion, the intimacy, and the eroticism.

Whether you need Denver Marriage Counseling & Couples Therapy, Individual Counseling, Sex Therapy Denver, Denver Military Marriage Counseling or our Special Services - Denver Marathon Individual & Couples Counseling, or Denver Couples Retreat, you can find what you need with us. 

We will work with you to give you the skills and the guidance to a better relationship. You can Contact Us or Call us at (720) 660 - 2321 for your 15 min Free Denver Marriage Counseling, Denver Couples Therapy & Sex Therapy Phone Consultation Now.