“Life is a collection of stories, your stories. They shape you, mold you but they do not need to define you. I believe in a holistic approach – Mind, Body and Spirt”

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Shaun is particularly gifted at working with people who are experiencing:

  • Family/couples in conflict

  • Anxiety

  • Domestic Abuse

  • Sexual, Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Abuses

  • Grief/Survivors of Suicide

  • Depression

  • Sex Addiction

  • Eating Disorders

  • Issues around sexual orientation and gender identify

  • High Risk Youth, teen issues

  • Narcissistic lovers

  • Survivors of Narcissist Relationships

  • Sexual Issues

Licenses & Certifications:

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Shaun Hutto, NCC, LPC, CSAT

Denver & Westminster Individual Therapist, Relationship Therapist, Couples & Marriage Counselor

My name is Shaun Hutto. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with a Master’s Degree in Counseling with a focus in Clinical Mental Health. I am also a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. I have worked for over a decade in the mental health field in areas ranging from youth residential facilities, detox centers, crisis in-patient treatment centers, High Intensity Treatment Teams, various mental health agencies to private practice and in-home therapy setting.

I am passionate about providing individual therapy, couples therapy and marriage counseling to clients from all different walks of life and gender orientation and sexual orientation backgrounds. I believe we all have the ability to learn how to write our own stories and then be our own author of our lives and create the future we truly want.

Denver & Westminster Couples & Marriage Counselor - Commitment to help you get the relationship that you want and the life that you deserve.

I have a passion for working with relationships, couples and families: wherever relationships form. I believe in the family unit and the ever-growing definitions in today’s fast paced world. I am trained in Relational Life Couples Therapist (RLT), meaning I focus on the relational aspects of how we relate to each other. This involves taking into account how we each grew up and then finding ways to talk with each other in a new and healthy manner, one which enables all individuals in the relationship to feel heard and understood while being able to have all their needs meet.

Working as a Denver Couples & Marriage Therapist, I have seen couples reconnecting with each other when they have learned and practiced the communication and relationship skills that work for their dynamics. It is my mission as a Denver Couples & Marriage counselor to give everything I have to my clients so they can have a satisfying and fulfilling relationships with their loved ones.

i am also trained in Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST), which looks at all systems in a couples life, such as friends, family, the work place, spiritual practices, cultural heritages. This type of therapy involves all of these, including where you live and how you interact with these systems. As a Denver & Westminster Couples & Marriage Counselor, I am motivated and dedicated in helping all relationships work, no matter what issues they may be facing.

As a Relationship Therapist, I believe that life is a collection of stories - your stories, your partner's stories, and your relationship stories. They shape you, mold you but they do not need to define you. Your stories can be clues to get you closer to the life that you want and the relationship that energizes you. I have helped many clients doing that as their Denver & Westminster individual therapist and couples & marriage counselor. 

I also believe in a holistic approach, one which is built on support, trust, and empathy. Besides using Relationship Life Couples Therapy and Multi-Systemic Therapy (MST) to help his clients transform their life and relationship, I also utilize techniques from the following approaches so his clients can have lasting results in their changes. I have made that commitment to myself when I decided to be a Denver & Westminster Couples & Marriage Counselor and Relationship Therapist. 

I have experience dealing with trauma, eating disorders, crisis, loss, anxiety, grief, depression, sexual abuse and addiction as well as kinks and fetishes. 

On a personally note, I have two kittens named Sam and Dean. I enjoy all physical activities from soccer to weight lifting. In his spare time, you can find me at a museum, zoo, spending time with family and friends, or reading anything from comics to a journal article. I also love listening to music at home, in the car, or at a concert. 

I want to help you get the life that you want and the relationship that you deserve. Please let me know how I can be a support for you.