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FSP Family Wellness Center

Dr. Greg Mortimer - Denver & Engelwood Chiropractor

3560 S. Bannock St. Englewood, CO 80110

Phone: (303) 797 - 8850

Fax: (303) 957 - 2488


Dr. Greg Mortimer is the owner of FSP (Forgiving yourself, Smiling for others, and Playing with Friends) Family Wellness Center.  He has been practicing in the south metro Denver area for 20 years. Dr. Greg utilizes the most current and up to date styles and techniques to help his clients find relief in their bodies. Dr. Greg and his staff always greet  you with a big, warm smile. 

As a seasoned chiropractor in Denver and Englewood, Dr. Greg is compassionate and open to his clients' experience so he can find the most appropriate adjustment to address their needs and get relief. It is a busy world that we live in today. That means our body carries more burden, stress, and pain than ever, which will cause Subluxation in our body. Dr. Greg has a unique way to remove the emotional, physical, chemical, and electromagnetic stresses in his clients' bodies and symptoms. He is an expert in nutrition, fitness and strategies designed to help achieve excellence in your life.

Besides providing effective care and treatment as a Denver and Englewood Chiropractor for your daily pain and stress, Dr. Greg also specializes in:

"I have been coming to get adjusted by Dr. Greg for almost 15 years! each and every time, he is able to ease my pain, lift my spirits and help me live a healthier more enjoyable life!"- Kelly S

"Because he's the best of the best. I can always count on him to fix me up. When I am sick, I come and heal with a noticeable difference, faster than if i couldn't otherwise come"- Marcie M